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I started to sell EuroMulti from QEXport team than asked them to go into custom made solution that they realize in a short term, high quality and in the requested price. The company is reliable taking care of their customer also after the sales process with a sustainable aftermarket support. International.

Colombo Fasano (Switzerland)

Company QEXport is one of the best customers I’ve ever had. Managing director Mr. Lubos Jargas and his team are very professional, kind and understanding. They are always open for exchange of views and ready for problem solving. And the most important thing is that they always arrange payments on time, never delay. The cooperation between us is very pleasant and I hope it would last for a long long time.

Fiona Wang (China)

Hansab was in cooperation with Mr. Luboš Jargaš and his team since 2003 and gained reputation as trusted Partner. QEXport top product Euromulti get as background of “Open Bank Branch” transformation process and we have installed them across Baltic countries. Over time we get proof that these products are not only looking good but are very robust and reliable in bank daily operations securing cash over decades

Nerijus Žikas (Lithuania)

QEXport is a great company to partner with. Deep knowledge of the business and fast reaction time to build a constant good quality product for a very fair price. It is always an address to consider if you start a new venture.

Klaus Leibundgut (Switzerland)

QEXport is a great company to deal with. In person Luboslav Jargaš is one of the most reliable persons I ever met in this industry. Our cooperation with him and his company is very strong and we are looking forward to even improve it over the coming years.

Rainer Sayer (Germany)

During more than 10 years of work with QEXport team, we have become convinced that they are reliable partner in the supply of high-quality equipment of tempocasses. We are very glad to cooperate with and we hope that in the future our business will be prosperous!

Pozdnyakov Igor (Ukraine)

At my previous role as Sales Director within world leading companies like Inter Innovation, De La Rue and Talaris I was satisfied to have Lubos and his team as our successful partner for Cash Handling Solutions. Thanks to their experience and understanding of the market, skilled staff and management I can recommended them as a partner for advanced Cash Handlings solutions.

Ambjorn Amrén (Sweden)